The concept of smart products?is still new?to many customers, so familiarizing them with?this category?is vital to help them make?an informed purchase decision. To effectively present Dixons Carphone’s line of Smart Home and Smart Watch products and educate customers on their many features, Outform created an interactive space to provide customers a full hands-on experience at Harrods department stores.


The space ingrates stations featuring smart items which shoppers can?explore and engage?with to get a deeper understanding of how the?products can?enhance their lives. Touch screens accompany?the products to help explain all the their features and?benefits to let shoppers get accustomed with?their full potential.


Open and easy to navigate through, the contemporary design of The?Dixons Smart Home Immersion Space created a beautiful showcase for the various Smart Home and Smart Wear products. The space’s immersive elements helped each product stand out and speak to the consumers, giving?shoppers the opportunity to see how the items?could improve?daily life through convenience and comfort.






Customer Experience


On a Demanding Timescale