Hard Rock, a London born café turned American restaurant, casino and hotel chain, is an American institution whose culture is centered around the heart of rock and roll. With over 100 locations globally, the chain is a staple for fun and entertainment.


The Challenge.

Traditionally, the Hard Rock amenities attract an older generation of consumers who have an appreciation for classic rock icons and enjoy the heritage of the Hard Rock brand. In an effort to expand their audience, Hard Rock approached Outform to help create eye-catching touch points that would deliver a wow effect and entice a new generation while still exciting the traditional Hard Rock goer. The goal was to create an experience that connects to the core message of the Hard Rock brand as well as evokes new energy and excitement.


The Solution.

Outform set out to embody the Hard Rock spirit through a set of displays that would grab attention and create engagement while providing opportunities for social sharing. The project took place at the Hard Rock Café location in Atlanta, GA and the Seminole Hard Rock Café and Casino in Hollywood, FL for the grand opening of the guitar-shaped hotel. For the two locations, Outform developed dynamic LED window displays and guitar displays in the shape of the iconic Hard Rock guitar.


Window Display.

The window display uses LED panels to create an animation effect that adds movement and light to the front of the retail stores and café. This technology allows the windows to show off vibrant content while also creating transparency so that those passing by can still preview what’s happening inside the stores and café.


Guitar Display.

The display’s unique shape and dynamic content gives the Atlanta and Hollywood spaces show-stopping moments. The Hollywood, FL location features the guitar in the center of the store with both sides of the display showcasing content, making the space alive with energy. The Atlanta, GA location showcases the guitar display hanging on the wall at the entrance, giving customers a powerful first impression when walking in and a memorable moment when leaving.


The Results.

With so much competition in the retail and restaurant space young consumers are left to make purchase decisions based on their emotions, this consumer insight was an important factor during our creative ideation. The design needed to inspire consumers to take pictures and create community at the Hard Rock locations. The guitar and window display succeeded in offering navigation throughout the shopper’s journey all while providing impactful spaces that encourage them to stay longer. The total lead time from creative ideation to in-store installment took roughly seven months. Outform worked across its global divisions to make the display come to life; the concept was designed in Israel, the components were produced in China and the final product was deployed in the US.


that draws attention


to create a memorable impression


to align with the Hard Rock brand


From Ideation to Installation