Your home should work for you.

The home is a place to be yourself, a space that?reflects your?unique interests, needs, and habits. Adding personalization to a home is now easier than ever thanks to the constantly growing array of home automation products.


A home for smart homes.

Getting shoppers comfortable and familiar with the concept of a smart home is key in creating an interest to purchase a smart device.?To expose shoppers to smart home products and their capabilities, The Home Depot wanted to create a designated area within their stores where shoppers could touch, see, and learn. Working with Home Depot, Outform was able to develop a solution which amplifies the smart home product discovery experience for shoppers through a dedicated in-store portal.

Educating the consumer.

When designing the Smart Home In-Store Portal, the Outform team took shoppers’ varying knowledge of the smart home category into consideration. To?clearly communicate the role of each?device in the home the display features three categories: Protect, Conserve, and Enjoy. Live demo products?are housed underneath each category and?placed on top of interactive product plates to create further communication. The product plates feature audio cues that introduce the shopper to the?device,?synching directly with the touchscreen display to guide the user further through video, reviews, and similar products in that category. The touchscreen display can also be triggered through a motion sensor and is activated when a shopper stands directly in front of the screen.


Seeing results.

The Home Depot Smart Home In-Store Portal increased smart home product awareness through the engaging content and easy-to-use interface. Since the day of its launch, shoppers interacted with the display?almost 40,000 times with each interaction lasting over a minute. The?portal continues to create interactions with the products, educate shoppers on the smart home category,?and add to the growing number of?smart devices?sold at The Home Depot.




Create Engagement


And Purchase Consideration


Combines Offline With Online