Since 1935 Titleist’s continuously increasing number of golfers, from professionals to amateurs, have put their trust in the company’s product. Titleist has solidified its position as the #1 ball in golf and has been the most played golf ball across the worldwide professional tours, with more players trusting Titleist than all other brands combined. This success also extents to retail sales with Titleist being the overwhelming market leader, the #1 ball in golf and having a global golf ball share of more than 50% with the Pro V1 golf ball leading the way.


The Challenge.

Golf has a long history of being a male-dominated sport and the average age of the player is above 50 years old. While the game continues to evolve and has an established group of players, there has been more diversification in golf in recent years with more women and younger players coming in to the game. The Titleist brand continues to evolve with the market evolving and they wanted to make sure the retail side of the business reflected this change. To do so, Titleist challenged Outform to come up with a way to rejuvenate the look and feel of Titleist’s On Course displays and fixtures to give them a fresher, premium and more dynamic spin that even better reflected the brand.


The Solution.

Outform came up with a set of 12 fixtures that included a diversified range of counter and floor displays meant to fit varying types of store footprints. The fixtures are able to hold various assortments of Titleist golf balls, from 6 dozen all the way up to 100 dozen. To take things to the next level, the Outform team included an innovative spring system within the 72 Dozen and 360 Degree displays. The spring system uses springs to push the product up to the top of the display. This addition eliminates the need to bend down to get the product, making product exploration easy for the older generation of Titleist’s shoppers. By bringing the product to the top, the spring system also ensures that the display is always showcasing the golf balls and merchandises each product in a more heroic way. Additionally, a slot in the display acts as an inventory checker system, letting associates know when the product needs to be restocked.


The Results.

Outform was able to provide Titleist with a refreshed approach to their in-store presence through displays that not only looked sleek and cohesive, but created a better customer experience through organized merchandising, informative callouts, and pristine product presentation. With an increase in sales, Titleist is now working with Outform to create additional store displays, creating a best in class shopping experience and help golfers make purchase decision at point of purchase incorporating technology that will bring customers product information in an innovative way and give Titleist a standout in-store brand presence.


in North America, Europe and Asia

13,000 UNITS

produced and shipped worldwide