People naturally love to pose and post pictures with iconic sculptures and landmarks like New York’s LOVE sculpture. For brands, creating an authentic and natural hashtag moment isn’t as easy as it seems.


Under Armour tasked us to bring their flagship Chicago store to the next level, and we packed a punch with the larger-than-life Under Armour Torso. At 10 feet tall, this hand chiseled sculpture came in at a weight of 1,000 pounds.


Setting the sculpture atop a seating area encourages shoppers to gather around and take pictures, a natural social content creator. By changing the torso’s shirt to reflect different sports teams or seasonal events, Under Armour has an endlessly updatable branding tool that consistently creates excitement and buzz.



How do you create a big impact on shoppers as soon as they walk through the doors?



Bigger, sometimes is better! By playing with scale and giving shoppers a reason to stop, we’re framing people’s perception that the store is larger-than-life.



With thousands of photos shared and positive consumer reactions coming in, Under Armour commissioned dozens more?for other global retail locations.

1,000 POUNDS

10 Feet Tall


& Wood-Chiseled


Thousands of Photos Posted


Store of the Year