Outform is Expanding
Its Operations in Europe


Big things are happing in Europe! The Valley Group, one of the UK’s and Europe’s top retail marketing agencies, has joined Outform,?forming a new company to service the European market. Outform Valley Ltd will manage European operations for global clients, as well as offering European brands access to a suite of global retail services.

Integrating The Valley Group’s team, infrastructure, distribution, and operations into Outform, will provide the European market with global reach and cost effective retail services. Outform’s mission is to become the leading global retail agency by providing clients who seek multiregional end-to-end support with a dedicated partner.

“We’re seeing that brands and retailers are confronted with obstacles when it comes to creating a consistent experience in retail across regions. At the same time businesses are moving towards smaller internal teams committed to channel marketing, and are looking for partners that can provide a full suite of dedicated retail services. By offering global and local capabilities we’re able to maintain consistent shopper experiences on a large scale. There’s a huge opportunity here, which is why we’re expanding our presence,” said Ariel Haroush, CEO of Outform.

The Valley Group’s 125 years of experience, combined with Outform’s agency heritage and global production capabilities will offer clients truly comprehensive and unparalleled shopper marketing services. With enhanced reach and support, Outform can empower global brands with greater control over product launches, brand compliance, and retail distribution.

“At the end of the day it is all about our clients. Combining capabilities and years of experience, enables us to offer the best quality, competitive pricing, and guaranteed results. We provide solutions to every vertical, whatever their needs may be,” said James Haggas, the new Managing Director of Outform’s EMEA Division (Outform Valley Ltd.), Mr. Haggas will oversee strategic growth in client relations and operations. “We’d love to start the conversation, so feel free to reach out at james.h@outform.com.

Outform offers shopper marketing strategy, customized design, mass-production, and installation for temporary, semi-permanent, permanent P-O-P, and full scale shop-in-shop creations. The agency services all sectors of the market and guarantees total program management to clients.

In conjunction with expanded production services, the addition of The Valley Group into Outform bolsters the group’s existing shopper insights division. Outform will now offer dedicated resources for market research and retail planning to North American, Asian, and European markets. The merging of The Valley Group and Outform reinforces plans for growth with a vision to become the global leader in retail marketing.

About Outform Inc.
Established in 2003, Outform has sites in Miami, San Francisco, Shenzhen, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, and London. The agency is one of the industry’s most advanced manufacturers of retail solutions and technology.