A dynamic way to enhance ambiance.


At Outform, when we dream it, we do it. We took inspiration from the art and entertainment world and combined it with our passion for dynamic retail and hospitality experiences to create our Kinetic Light Show. Demanding attention with a unique play of light, color, and motion, the Kinetic Light Show creates mesmerizing choreographed visuals that transform ordinary surroundings into works of art.

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Wow Effect

With the same high-quality technology used in top clubs, concerts, and art installations, you can make a big impact anywhere. The Kinetic Light Show wows from afar with rich and stimulating movement and lighting. The resulting ambiance commands attention, increases dwell time, and creates consideration.

Choreograph Movement & Color

The Kinetic Light Show performs precise choreographed sequences that leave people amazed. We custom program complex animations to create dynamic three-dimensional abstract shapes and visual effects. Each LED light globe has a full range of color and luminosity, making the possibilities endless! Whether you’re in need of a unique color story or seasonal promotion, the Kinetic has you covered. Full control of height, speed, color, and luminance makes the Kinetic a great choice for any brand, product, or season.

Modularity and Adaptability

Compose your base units with either one or two rows of lights in a variety of configurations to create window displays, free-standing units, room installations, and more! Combine units together to create larger display matrixes with even greater creative control and visual variety.

Versatile Applications

The Kinetic boasts a wide range of applications from retail to hospitality to artistic installation. This display fits your needs and adjusts for specific height requirements, installation needs, and sizes.

Custom Installations

The Kinetic Light Show can be installed through steel-cable suspension from a ceiling or as a standalone display with a lightweight and durable truss system. By offering comprehensive installation and support options, the Kinetic Display can be easily installed in any environment.