An inviting try-on experience.


The Smart Watch Cushion is a luxury display and security device?that removes the need for intimidating cases. Designed for commercial-grade durability and premium product showcasing, it ensures an easy try-on process and positive shopper experience. A hidden alarm system addresses security concerns without sacrificing aesthetics, guaranteeing product security and optimal presentation.

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Watch Compatibility

The Smart Watch Cushion can accommodate a variety of luxury timepieces, including traditional watches and smartwatches. Optional inductive charging plates allow smartwatches to always remain powered for perfect presentation and interaction.

Security Control

The Smart Watch Cushion addresses security concerns without sacrificing presentation. An integrated alarm system is tucked away inside, which gets triggered when a watch is removed improperly from the cushion. NFC cards can be programmed to unlock each cushion from the base during specific times throughout the day, giving retailers greater control over security.

Full Customization

Choice in colors, materials, and other customizable elements create a consistent design language and guarantee your brand's personality will always shine. The Smart Watch Cushion can be installed as part of any desired display fixture to ensure your products are shown off just as you intended.

Non-Intimidating & Easy

Locking watches behind glass makes them feel unapproachable. Waiting for an associate to take watches out of a display case wastes valuable time, causing shoppers to become impatient and disinterested. The Smart Cushion enables watches to be removed and snapped back easily and quickly, allowing shoppers to try on more products through a convenient process.

Appealing Aesthetics

The Smart Watch Cushion is designed to be streamlined, bringing forward the premium aesthetic of each timepiece while still being approachable. The high-quality build adds to the presentation, maximizing appeal through an elegant design approach.