A combination of product presentation, user engagement, and device security.


Outform’s patented SmartWear? is an innovative solution for showcasing wearable devices. Built for heavy retail traffic, these durable holders have a sleek and unobtrusive profile, ensuring that your product is always the hero. By integrating security and charging seamlessly into the design, we help enhance your consumer’s experience and maintain optimal brand presentation.

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Make Your Product the Hero

Wearable devices are all about sleek and elegant design, fusing fashion, technology, and innovation. When a consumer is in store, their attention should be directed fully to the product, free from distracting display components. With our SmartWear? solution, you can guarantee that all of your consumer’s attention will be on your product.

Accessible for Try-On

Wearable devices are not only personal tech, they are personal style. With SmartWear?, customers can quickly and easily experience your wearable device in the optimal way. The innovative wrist cuff fits a variety of wearable devices and makes try-on as easy as slipping it on and off without the need to hassle with a strap.

Constant Charge

Don't let your shoppers meet a dead device in store. With the constant charge c-clip, we assure that every device retains a steady charge, always ready to deliver the best product experience. Charging units utilize direct power or inductive charging through easily interchangeable power plates or pogo pins.

Seamless Security

Balancing product accessibility and theft prevention are top priorities for wearable retail displays. To minimize unsightly and intrusive security features, we embedded an alarm sensor into each power plate that detects if the wearable device has been detached from the c-clip. The power and alarm sensor cables are integrated into the tether cord and are always enabled regardless of how the customer moves the device.

Streamline Design and Appearance

Wearables are considered fashion accessories and must be displayed in a stylish and inviting way. This means displays must avoid unnecessary wires and bulky components, while maintaining a uniform position. SmartWear? always maintains optimal product presentation with a sleek design that eliminates visible security and charging features.

Maintains Showcase Position

The presentation of wearable devices is crucial, but many times products are not placed back into their proper position after shopper interaction. This results in a messy display and poor customer experience for the next person who visits the display. The SmartWear? magnetic base and pull box tether guarantee correct positioning and placement automatically, ensuring that the device always looks its best.

Fits a Variety of Devices

The SmartWear? Display solution can fit a variety of wearable types and sizes. Each power plate on the holder can adjust vertically, allowing wrist bands of different lengths and sizes to be fitted, resulting in a flexible retail solution.

Easy Setup

With our simple set-up, interchanging products and refreshing your SmartWear? display is easily accomplished. Store associates can swap-out products and update product platforms as required with limited hassle.