Telling your story in a unique way.


Excite customers with a stunning visual experience in your retail window with the Window Light Show?: a unique LED display that drives traffic, promotes your brand, and creates retail ambiance to enhance customer experience, all without obstructing store merchandise.

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Store Environments Remain Visible

Provide extra dimension to your store window with see-through capability.

Spectacular Display Day or Night

Create your own custom digital animations for every occasion. With high luminosity the WLS is an ideal solution for any working conditions regardless of the time of day.

Endless Possibilities for Content

Create your own custom digital animation. The Window Light Show? is a perfect retail solution for seasonal promotions, holiday specials and unique one-of-a-kind designs and executions.

Lights Command Attention

Capture attention or create ambiance. On-set of motion, changes in brightness, dramatic color transformations and unique imagery are used in The Window Light Show? to capture attention and evoke emotion at retail.

Energy Efficient

Using all LED lighting power, Window Light Show? provides long-term cost savings. According to the US Department of Energy, approximately 22% of energy consumption in the US goes to lighting, which has spurred the innovations for energy-efficient lighting. The average functioning shelf-life for LED's is 50,000 hours.

Create Your Own Shape or Size

Choosing a display that will fir into retail store window space id often challenging, especially when a specific theme or design needs to be used. Window Light Show? is available in a selection of size and shape formats that can be installed to match requirements.

Video Wall or Window Light Show? for Your Next Campaign?

When choosing between technologies in the digital display world, retailers have had limited options in animated digital media beyond video. Faced with prohibitive costs, installation challenges and operational complexities, video walls are most often adopted as permanent retail displays. With the introduction of the Window Light Show?, retailers now have an alternative to dressing their prized windows and store fronts and can remain fresh in the eyes of their shoppers.