Turning product displays into educational tools

Every campaign ends.

Retail displays are great at showcasing products and attracting consumers in a commercial environment. But can product displays be any good after a campaign ends and there’s no room left for them on the sales floor? Yes! The retail industry can take action to create a whole new life for discarded retail displays, taking more social responsibility as shown by Outform’s efforts.

In an initiative to create social good, Outform has come up with an innovative idea to use old store displays in a new way.

From the olympics to school.

Back in 2012, Outform suggested to the Government that there was life in Olympic branded retail marketing collateral, after the games. The concept was based on the premise… “I am a retail display… Tomorrow I’ll be educating children about the planet”. Outform suggested that ex-displays could be recycled into educational equipment such as mini wind turbines and microscopes.

Today, Outform?has turned the concept into a reality in India, recycling retail product displays into educational tools. The displays have been re-purposed into desks and seats for school children. The transformation from retail displays to educational tools shows just how easy and possible it is for companies all over the world to take the same approach and give back to society!