Under Armour
Larger-Than-Life Torso

The torso welcomes those passing by the Under Armour Brand House store


If you have visited the Disney Springs Under Armour Brand House store in Orlando, Florida, then you have surely been greeted by this giant torso created by Outform!

Proudly standing at the entrance at an impressive 102” in height, the fiberglass torso captures attention of those passing by the Under Armour store and welcomes them inside. By capturing attention and drawing in passerbys, the Under Armour larger-than-life-torso increases foot-traffic, encouraging guests to explore the store once inside.




Because the sculpture is such an impressive visual, customers are also tempted to take photos with the Under Armour torso, sharing them with friends and family over social media and giving the brand extended exposure.

Keep an eye out to see where this campaign takes us and don’t forget to check out the other larger-than-life torso Outform created for Under Armour’s Chicago store here.