The Versatility of
Virtual Reality

We explore how businesses and brands are incorporating augmented reality even in its infancy.

With all the amazing advancements made in technology in recent years, the continuous progression still never ceases to amaze. Take for example, virtual reality. It is sometimes hard to believe that we live in a world where virtual reality is…a reality! We first had the internet, the progression of the which let people travel and experience the world without ever having to leave their home. Now, with the developments made in virtual reality, people can actually be transported to and immersed in different environments right from their living rooms. This incredible technology is getting more and more implementation is finding its way into different industries as both entertainment and a useful, practical tool.

Here are a few of our favorite ways that show how augmented reality is changing the way we experience the world around us:

Microsoft gave a preview of what the future of football could look like. The HoloLens concept video below shows the possibility of being able to bring the the NFL game into a fan’s living room…literally! Hand gesture commands, life-size NFL players, and a 3D version of the football game right on a fan’s coffee table add a thrill for the ultimate football fanatic by letting them not only watch the game, but be involved in every heart-racing touchdown and tackle.

Unlike the Microsoft HoloLens, which brings the game to the fans, The Oculus Rift headset brings the fans onto the field. Users can be transported right onto to the game to get close up to all the action with exclusive VIP access to the game as if they were right at the stadium.

The hotel and travel industry has taken advantage of augmented reality as well. Imagine being able travel to London or Hawaii in seconds. This is exactly what New York City newlyweds were got to do thanks to Marriott Hotels. The brides and grooms were given a one-of-a-kind wedding gift by being sent off on a virtual reality honeymoon! Users were “teleported” to London and Hawaii where they were able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery through a one-of-a-kind immersive travel experience.

Ever wanted to take a helicopter tour, but were too scared of heights? Birchbox made it possible to get sky-high without ever leaving the ground through their implementation of augmented reality technology. The online beauty and lifestyle retailer sent their subscribers a cardboard viewer that paired with an app on their smartphones so they could experience incredible virtual reality scenarios in the comfort of their own homes. Thrill-seekers are sent off on several exhilarating adventures, including surfing inside a wave, flying in a helicopter, and a ride in a race car. The automotive industry has not been left out of the loop. Hyundai, for example, is launching augmented reality owner’s manuals. Drivers can use an app on a smart-device, which when pointed at the vehicle, can help them learn about their cars, including information about the air filter, engine oil, and brake fluid. This could completely change the car maintenance experience, especially for those who feel the task of checking the health of their cars is daunting, by transforming the process into something unique and interactive. Volvo is highlighting the safeness of their cars by bringing features of their vehicles to life. Users can use Microsoft’s HoloLens to see and interact with every aspect of the car in virtual, 3D way to understand more about the different options offered by Volvo.

For those who want to experience this amazing technology first-hand, the first virtual reality store in the world can make it possible. A store in Copenhagen lets people walk in right from the street and be immersed in a completely different world where they can play and explore.

Virtual reality technology is nascent, but is already showing much promise as part of the future of both retail and personal experiences. The existence of virtual worlds could open up a whole wave of possibilities, letting people go where and when they want. Gaming, art, health, education…the list of areas and amount of ways augmented reality could be implemented is endless, exciting and soon to be more real than ever.